Episode 8: Robin Speer (“The longest campaign since 1872.”)

Canada is slogging through the second-longest campaign cycle in the country’s history: a whopping 78 days. Canadian Election Day is October 19, and our neighbors to the north are getting into their campaigns now. You think about that while you count how many stories you read or watched this weekend about the U.S. Presidential election, which is about 14 months away.

Joining the Crummy Little Podcast this week to talk about those elections and help make sense of it all is Robin Speer, who boasts more than a decade of high level experience in Canadian politics and public affairs. Robin had a lot to do with helping build the Conservative majority that runs Parliament now.

Early polling paints quite a picture of the current campaign: Canada’s top three parties are running neck-and-neck-and-neck, which creates the possibility of a historically evenly divided Parliament.

We did not record a version of the podcast in French. Sorry, Quebec.

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