Episode 7: Patricia Simpson (“I think the monetary reward would become a legal defense fund.”)

The Leadership Institute is notorious among conservative circles for training conservative political operatives and – here’s the important part – making sure they actually get jobs to put that training into action. Patricia Simpson, the Institute’s Director of Career Programs, is an important part of making that happen. She’s also this week’s guest on the Crummy Little Podcast. The conversation includes a discussion of Donald Trump’s hair, networking, the evolving “gig” economy, and why a college degree doesn’t always mean what it used to.

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  • As Director of Career Programs, Patricia oversees the Leadership Institute’s website for conservative job seekers, ConservativeJobs.com. Whether you’re looking for a team to join or you’re trying to add a new teammate, it’s a great place to start.
  • We discuss last week’s National Labor Relations Board ruling regarding contract employees. If you’re interested, here’s some more about that.
  • At some point, I mentioned that Mark Cuban has been a critic of our current higher education system. Here are his thoughts on the subject.
  • There is no link to the “Grab Trump’s Rug Off His Head” Legal Defense/Medical Assistance fund. Yet.

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