Episode 23: Open Conventions 101 with Quin Hillyer

There’s a real chance that the Republican Party could start their convention this year without the nomination settled. It would be the first time that happened since 1976, and many in the news media don’t seem to understand the politics of political conventions.

Quin Hillyer does, and he shares some of that knowledge on this Crummy Little Podcast. (Well, more accurately, he took me to school on how conventions work.)

As you’re watching the coverage of the nominating process, remember that words matter. You’ll hear reporters (and, yes, occasionally people who host crummy little podcasts) misuse terms like “brokered convention” and “seating delegates.” They could probably use someone like Quin serving as their own personal Inigo Montoya. The convention process isn’t all that difficult to understand; cutting through bad information might be a challenge.

Listen/download it here or subscribe on iTunes.

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