Episode 21: New Journalism with James O’Keefe

When James O’Keefe agreed to join me on this week’s Crummy Little Podcast, I figured we’d chat about him exposing possible voter fraud in New Hampshire. And we did, but we also talked a bit about where he and his organization, Project Veritas, fit in the journalism landscape.

Years ago, I sent James a message after one of his hidden camera investigations and congratulating him for his activism. “Don’t call us activists,” he replied. “We’re journalists.” This exchange always stuck with me because, as someone who studied journalism in college, James had a point – just as he does now.  Sure, it’s form is different from the morning newspapers or the evening network newscasts, but media is changing and evolving. James and Project Veritas are part of this evolution.

(By the way, I was a little under the weather for this one. Could you tell?)

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