Episode 20: Money in politics with Dan Backer

People bemoan the amount of money in politics all the time. Dan Backer thinks there isn’t enough – and on this crummy little podcast, he discusses whether our system properly fosters the speech we need to make informed decisions. Dan should know – as the President of DB Capitol Strategies, he’s fought the FEC as far as the Supreme Court.

It was especially fun to talk with Dan because, as we mention at the top of the show, we hosted a Sunday morning public affairs radio show together for about a month back in the fall of 1998 on WMUA, 91.1 on your dial at the University of Amherst.

Listen/download it here or subscribe on iTunes.

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  • If you follow DB Capitol Strategies on Twitter and Facebook, you will learn new stuff. It’s worth the click(s).
  • Dan had a great and glowing write up about him recently in the UMass alumni magazine. (I almost missed it because I rarely read the alumni magazine.)
  • During the conversation we mention a mutual friend in Massachusetts, Paul Ferro. In addition to running the city of Marlborough’s Republican Committee, Paul often appears on TV or radio to offer political analysis and is also worth a follow on Twitter. Paul is currently running for the Massachusetts State Republican committee.

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