Episode 15: A Star Wars Holiday Special with Ken Campbell (NO SPOILERS)

Geekie Awards judge Ken Campbell joins the Christmas Week edition of this Crummy Little Podcast. I’ve heard there’s a big sci-fi/fantasy movie in theaters now that all the kids were going to, so Ken helps break it down.

In addition to great analysis of what makes the Star Wars universe so much fun – and what helped The Force Awakens soar to a half-billion dollar opening weekend – this was a bit of a Christmas gift to me, too. Ken is a great friend from way back in the day when we were both at UMass and he was a frequent guest on my old student radio show. It was aweseome to have a chance to talk for a bit right before Christmas.

And Santa, if you subscribe, you should know Ken was good and didn’t spoil anything about the movie.

Listen/download it here or subscribe on iTunes.

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  • Ken has been a judge for the Geekie Awards for the past two years, which honors independent geek culture creators. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.
  • We may have jumped the gun talking about Spaceballs 2.
  • Ken also brought up how good a John Belushi biopic would be. Turns out, there was one called Wired, released in 1989. I haven’t seen it, but Michael “Vic Mackey” Chiklis plays Belushi, so it can’t be bad, right?
  • If you don’t celebrate Christmas, Merry Whatever You Celebrate, even if it’s Life Day. Joy and goodwill transcend celebrations, and I hope you and your family have plenty of both!

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