Episode 10: Beverly Hallberg (“You have to start making your splash.”)

Beverly Hallberg returns triumphantly to the Crummy Little Podcast, summing up the aftermath of another Republican debate.

Our conversation took place before Scott Walker surprised everyone and dropped out of the race, but Beverly was right about Republican candidates needing to start standing out from the crowded field. Walker can’t be the only candidate looking seriously at their war chest and wondering if they can grind through the holidays.

Listen/download it here or subscribe on iTunes.

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  • Beverly mentioned Carly Fiorina’s “Faces” ad as being the best of the cycle so far. Here it is.
  • If you haven’t already, check out District Media Group and follow them on Twitter. (Especially if you are a Presidential candidate who doesn’t want to get Walkered.) Beverly is also worth a follow.
  • When I asked her to predict the next person out of the race, Beverly chose Lindsey Graham. Though Walker beat Graham to the punch, the prediction might be true now. Obviously, the Presidency was never a realistic goal for Graham, but he was there to talk about foreign policy and possibly be a kingmaker in his home state of South Carolina. He has now missed the cut for both of the major debates and is languishing at seventh place in the Palmetto State, so both of those goals are in jeopardy.

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