Episode 32: Unsuck DC Metro with, uh, @UnsuckDCMetro

If you’re a kid visiting Washington, D.C. – like I was the first time I rode public transit in Your Nation’s Capital – the Metro is kind of cool. If you’re a D.C.-area commuter, it’s… not so much fun.

Folks who undergo this drudgery have a champion in Unsuck DC Metro, an anonymous journalist who has been chronicling the failings of D.C.’s subway since 2009. As the system begins a series of closures to fix critical safety issues, he joins this crummy little podcast to talk about Metro’s future and whether this time anything will actually change.

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  • UnsuckDCMetro is on Twitter and Facebook.
  • We talk about it in the podcast, but there’s also an old, defunct Unsuck DC Metro Blog. That it hasn’t updated in a few years is only obvious because of the dates on the posts; much of the content is still quite relevant.

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