Episode 28: Room for Independents with Quin Hillyer

The major party candidates are set. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both had to win a bunch of elections to get to this point, and still no one really likes them. Could this be the election cycle where America breaks free of the two-party system?

Quin Hillyer is back on this Crummy Little Podcast to talk about the remote possibility of an independent interloper in the Presidential race. One of the leading voices of the #NeverTrump faction of the Republican party, Quin has been involved in many of the efforts to draft such a candidate. Despite the long odds, it’s a little more realistic than you might expect, even at this late date.

(As a side note, the most fun part of talking with Quin is that he has an unflinching optimism for American representative democracy. In a year that has seen bitter acrimony in the primaries and slim pickings ahead for the November ballot, that’s really encouraging.)

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